First Step

All components are manufactured in Cosmo facilities, such as the hopper without welding points and the multi-component gear box for all spreaders.

New technologies and researches allow to develop the patterns by testing the products in Test Halls of European Universities or in Cosmo test-fields.

Shear Spinning Process

Cosmo is the unique company able to manufacture the hoppers with shear spinning system through two high performing machineries. The final result is a steel or stainless steel hopper without welding, this allows the product to prevent rust because there are no welded points.

Laser cutting, bending, robotic welding system

Cosmo manufactures all parts and equipment in its own plants, i.e. hoppers, frames and components. Thanks to its high-performance laser cutting and tube bending Cosmo follows the whole production process individually.

Tube Bending process

Pipes and tubes are bent in Cosmo plants through a modern tube bending machine that allows high quality and precision in assembling.

Gear box

Multiple metal gear box is made of high quality bearings and Z 17 gears. This power transmission system has been adopted on all spreaders, also for double disc machines, where the required ratio transmission is more complex. Its reliability made it one of the Cosmo pilot product.

Final step

A feather in the cap of Cosmo are the Assembling and Painting phases. Cosmo new painting system updated in 2010 allows a special pre-treatment consisting of degreasing, phosphate and passivation processes. Spreaders are painted before assembling them. Epoxy primer dip and a two-packs polyurethane waterborne coating applied by a robotized and computerized system. Last operation is to bake them at 90° Celsius. Several salt fog tests have achieved results from 450 to 500 hours of corrosion resistance.