The VLSC series is suitable for 40 hp to 75 hp tractors and has a Cat. 2 hitch, with hydraulic side shift. The VLSC models are designed for the applications in vineyards and orchards where a in-row tillage is required. Rotor speed is adjustable

  • Gear driven side transmission in oil bath
  • Series 6/8 PTO with slip clutch
  • Adjustable lower hitch brackets
  • CE safety guards
  • Powder coated
  • Adjustable side depth skids
  • Three-points hitch Cat. 2 with hydraulic side shift
  • Steel wheels
Mod.VLSC 60 | 1500 mmVLSC 72 | 1750 mmVLSC 84 | 2000 mm
Dimensioni totali
Overall dimension
Largeur hors tout
1743x1000x1165 mm1995x1000x1165 mm2250x1000x1165 mm
Larghezza di lavoro
Tilling width
Largeur de travail
1500 mm1750 mm2000 mm
CV consigliati
Tractor HP range
CV recommandés
Traktorleistung PS
Tipologia attacco 3° punto
3-point hitch type
Attelage 3 points
Dreipunktbock (Kat.)
CAT. 2CAT. 2CAT. 2
N° di flange per rotore
Number of flanges on rotor
Brides par rotor
Flansche auf Rotor
N° di zappe per flangia
Number of tines per flange
Lames par bride
Messer pro Flansch
N° di zappe
Number of tines
Nombre lames
Dimensione zappe
Size of blades
Dimensions lames
190x108x7 mm190x108x7 mm190x108x7 mm
Forma zappe - Blade shape
Type lame - Messertyp
Curve - Curved - Courbée - GerundetCurve - Curved - Courbée - GerundetCurve - Curved - Courbée - Gerundet
Presa di forza
PTO input speed
Prise de force
540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm
Velocità del rotore
Rotor shaft speed
Vitesse de rotation du rotor
241 rpm241 rpm241 rpm
Tipo di trasmissione laterale
Side transmission drive
Transmission latérale
Ingranaggi - Gears - Engrenages - ZahnräderIngranaggi - Gears - Engrenages - ZahnräderIngranaggi - Gears - Engrenages - Zahnräder
Profondità max di lavoro
Max working depth
Profondeur de travail
200 mm200 mm200 mm
Diametro rotore
Rotor tube diameter
Diamètre rotor
89 mm89 mm89 mm
Diametro rotazione zappe
Rotor swing diameter
Diamètre rotation lames
485 mm485 mm485 mm
Peso - Weight
Poids - Gewicht
524 kg556 kg586 kg