New model with rectangular hopper with double disc spreading system. The dosing capability has been improved compared to the RX series providing simpler and more effective solutions. This spreader is equipped with low-pace agitators to avoid heating-up or breaking of fertilizer during the flow to the exits. The hopper has windows to see the material level inside.

  • powder coated
  • all fins, discs, bolts, nuts, dosing plate and read shield are in stainless steel
  • hydraulic opening
  • double-position lower hitch pins
  • PTO shaft with ratchet torque limiter
  • hopper grid
  • removable disc
  • slow-pace agitators
Mod.NX 1100NX 1600NX 1900
12-24 mt / 40-80 ft12-24 mt / 40-80 ft12-24 mt / 40-80 ft
65 CV/HP65 CV/HP65 CV/HP