The Cosmo subsoiler allows you to work the soil at high depths (up to 60 cm) and at high speed (8 km / h). Advantageous and more efficient compared to the classic plow, it allows you to decompact, aerate, drain water in depth, incorporate residues by breaking the work sole and minimally eroding the soil avoiding the inversion of the layers. Available in version with shear bolt or version with hydraulic pistons, it is equipped with a double roller with points for consolidating the soil with residues and to limit the evaporation of water close to the surface.

  • Hydraulic version or bolt version
  • Cat. 3 hitch
  • Two rows of shanks
  • Two spiked rollers
Mod. FORZA 2500FORZA 3000
Larghezza di lavoro
Tilling width
Largeur de travail
CV consigliati
Tractor HP range
CV recommandés
Traktorleistung PS
Tipologia attacco 3° punto
3-point hitch type
Attelage 3 points
Dreipunktbock (Kat.)
CAT. 3CAT. 3
Numero di denti
Numbers of teeth
Nombre de dents
Anzahl der Zähne
Profondità max di lavoro
Max working depth
Profondeur de travail
Peso - Weight
Poids - Gewicht