Cosmo cultivators of minimum soil processing are suitable all year round for incorporation, mixing and burying of residues in addition to breaking the soil for excellent drainage and effective aeration. Conceived to work at high speeds (12 km / h) without clogging thanks to the wide ground clearance and the spacing between the working elements, they guarantee the quick preparation of the summer seedbed, the refinement of the soil in winter and the autumn burying of post-harvest residues. They consist of three rows of phase-shifted shanks for tilling, two rows of discs for scrambling and a rear roller for consolidating and leveling. This is to prepare the soil for sowing in one step. The shanks are equipped with a NON-STOP spring system that allows you to work on stony soils.

  • Cat. 3 hitch
  • Three rows of anchors with NON-STOP springs
  • One row of 560 mm Ofas discs with long-life hubs
  • 500 mm cage roller
Mod. FILA 2500FILA 3000FILA 4000
Larghezza di lavoro
Tilling width
Largeur de travail
CV consigliati
Tractor HP range
CV recommandés
Traktorleistung PS
Tipologia attacco 3° punto
3-point hitch type
Attelage 3 points
Dreipunktbock (Kat.)
CAT. 3CAT. 3CAT. 3
Numero di denti
Numbers of teeth
Nombre de dents
Anzahl der Zähne
Profondità max di lavoro
Max working depth
Profondeur de travail
Peso - Weight
Poids - Gewicht