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Cosmo specialises in manufacturing fertiliser spreaders, sand/salt spreaders and cement mixers.

Founded in 1986 our original focus was small agricultural implements like wood cutters, bio-choppers and V rakes. However, after a short period we determined that a sole focus on spreaders would create more opportunities.

Cosmo decreased production in the small implements and by 1992 Cosmo had a range of spreaders (fertiliser, sand, salt, etc.) to satisfy a wide variety of customers’ demands.

Our product range continued to grow and today we offer a range of trailed and linkage spreaders from 70L (S70) to 8000L (NT Series) which thanks to modern construction technologies, means Cosmo produces around 25,000 units (per annum) in our own facilities at globally competitive pricing.

Next time you are in the market for a spreader make sure you demand the best – make sure it’s a Cosmo.


Cosmo is ready for Eima 2018


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